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10 Things to Know About Wireless Internet

wireless Internet Wireless Internet is an exciting option for high speed connectivity, particularly in rural areas where other options are limited. It serves very specific needs, as well as more general needs. It easily replaces dial-up and slow DSL in rural parts of the country, and may be a better choice for some users than satellite Internet service. Before you make your choice of wireless Internet there are some things you need to know. Continue reading “10 Things to Know About Wireless Internet” »


4 Features That Make CenturyLink Stand Out From the Competition

CenturyTelNet Internet is quickly rising in the ranks of Internet service providers, as it offers advantages that many of the other big name providers don’t. These features are rarely found amongst Internet providers, and when you can find them, it is virtually impossible to find them all from the same provider, except from CenturyLink. These are 4 major advantages that set CenturyLink apart:

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Many Internet service providers do not offer a satisfaction guarantee of any type. In fact, they typically make you agree to a 2 year contract without ever trying the service. The few providers with a satisfaction guarantee typically offer only short 10 day periods. CenturyLink ensures you are happy with a full 30 days to check out the service.

Virtually Unlimited Internet

With CenturyLink, you choose the speed and you have virtually unlimited access to the Internet. While there is technically a limit, it is so high that it is very hard to reach. Less than half of 1% of users hit that limit. What’s more, if you do reach it, instead of penalizing you, CenturyLink works with you to find a more fitting option from its plans.

Free TV Service

Only CenturyLink Internet gives you free TV access from its portal with more than 250 channels to choose from. This can save you a bundle by letting you cut out cable.

DIY Installation

Do-It-Yourself installation that is easy and fast is a definite advantage for CenturyLink. Most providers insist that they take care of your installation, sometimes charging a fee, sometimes not. However, typically it involves disrupting your schedule, so that someone is available during a window of time for installers to come to your home. With CenturyLink, you set it up at your convenience or if you’d prefer, the company can do it for you.

But CenturyLink is very limited in its coverage unlike Satellite Internet From BroadbandBLUE

wireless Internet for home

Why You Need Wireless Internet For Your Home

wireless Internet for homeThere are many parts of the country where 3G/4G wireless Internet is one of the best options in high speed Internet service. However, it is likely not the only option for you. Dialup is always a consideration, although not a good one. Satellite Internet is another good choice. However, data limits and lagtime can make it a poor choice for certain homes. Continue reading “Why You Need Wireless Internet For Your Home” »