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What is 4G mobile wireless internet

4G Mobile Wireless Internet

What is 4G Mobile Wireless Internet?

What is 4G mobile wireless internetEverybody has heard of 4G mobile wireless Internet because many mobile internet providers are offering it in their plans and options now. But do you really know what 4G is and how it works? Find out about the basics of 4G wireless and how it works.

What does 4G mean? 4G stands for the 4th generation of mobile networks and it enables the fastest wireless mobile internet. There are two technologies that are generally called 4G wireless internet:

  1. LTE – Long Term Evolution
  2. WiMAX2 – Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access

Some mobile operators are calling their HSPA and HSPA+ networks 4G, but HSPA and HSPA+ aren’t the real 4G wireless internet.

The Benefits of the 4G

When talking about the advantages of 4G, I will refer to LTE, because LTE is the dominant technology compared to WiMAX, especially when we are comparing how often they are used.

Here are some advantages of 4G mobile wireless internet, as compared to 3G:

  • 4G enables much faster wireless internet. Download speeds can be up to 10 times faster
  • 4G enables some new applications for their users. Multi-player gaming, video chat, better and smoother video streaming
  • Call establishment is much faster
  • Less problems with interference with other wireless signals
  • Lower latency
  • Flexibility You can use your 3G mobile phone in the 4G network (speed will be like on 3G)

3G Can Sometimes Be The Better Choice

Sometimes buying a new 4G phone can be a bad investment. Here are three situations when 4G mobile phone are not needed:

  • You are using only voice services on your cellular phone. You rarely use mobile internet.
  • 4G is out of reach and you are mainly connected to 3G
  • 3G wireless plans are usually cheaper

One very important point about 4G phone on the 3G network worth mentioning, the battery will drain much faster.

LTE – Long Term Evolution

LTE, or how it is most often called 4G, enables a very fast mobile internet connection. If you want to enjoy in this great technology, two basics things are necessary:

  • You as customer need to have a 4G mobile phone
  • There should be an available 4G mobile network

If you have a 4G mobile phone and you can connect it to the 4G mobile network from your mobile provider, you can enjoy the full benefits of the 4G mobile internet.

4G Mobile Wireless Internet Conclusion

4G mobile wireless internet is a great technology. It enables much higher mobile wireless internet bandwidth compared to 3G. Because of this speed, users can enjoy multi-player games, video chats and video streaming with much better quality. 4G has lower latency and there are fewer problems with the interference.

4G usually means LTE – Long Term Evolution technology, which is the dominant 4G technology among all mobile providers. If you don’t use mobile wireless internet and only use your mobile phone for voice calls, buying a 4G mobile phone is not really necessary.

You can find more about 4G mobile wireless internet and wireless internet in general at The Best Wireless Internet.