Online Shopping: The Perfect Holiday Shopping Solution for the Minimalist

online shoppingToday, more and more people are taking a step back from the abundance of stuff that seems to clutter our lives. People are downsizing and simplifying in an effort to avoid the overwhelm that comes with too much stuff. However, even if you are a minimalist, you still celebrate the holidays and likely purchase presents for others. Online shopping is the perfect holiday shopping solution for the minimalist, no matter where you live, for so many reasons. Continue reading “Online Shopping: The Perfect Holiday Shopping Solution for the Minimalist” »

small town America move

Moving to Small Town America? What You Need To Know

small town America move

Moving to small town America from a more urban or suburban area is a big deal. It is often stated that moving is actually one of the top 5 stressors in a person’s life. This is even more so when you change the type of community you are living in. You may even find yourself experiencing culture shock. Whether your move is cause for joy or is out of necessity, there are things you need to know that will help you with your big move to small town America. Continue reading “Moving to Small Town America? What You Need To Know” »

writing a book

Dreaming of Writing a Book? Do it Now

writing a bookHave you always wanted to write a book? Do you have a story that is just begging to be told? It’s said that there is no time like the present and that is especially true this month. Did you know that November is National Novel Writing Month? You can join in the thousands of people worldwide who are using this month to finally get their novel written. Continue reading “Dreaming of Writing a Book? Do it Now” »


SMB Goal of the Month: Get Ready For the Holiday Season

holiday season business preparation






October is prime time to get ready for the holiday season. The last quarter of the year, for most businesses, is when they do the bulk of their sales. And no matter what type of business you run, the holiday season is a time when you should be selling. Continue reading “SMB Goal of the Month: Get Ready For the Holiday Season” »

small business websites

Top 25 Websites For Small Businesses

small business websites

To succeed as a startup, you need a combination of adequate planning, sound financial strategies, and best marketing strategies among other factors. The top 25 websites for small businesses gives entrepreneurs news, tips, tools, resources and support to succeed in their startups. The list of top websites for small businesses outlined below is in no particular order. Continue reading “Top 25 Websites For Small Businesses” »

StarBand Failed

Why StarBand Failed (And How HughesNet Can Help)

StarBand FailedSatellite Internet provider StarBand announced this week that it would be discontinuing service as of September 30, 2015. The company announcement included the explanation that rising operating costs, competition from other broadband alternatives, and the demand for bandwidth were the reasons for the decision. However, as with many failed businesses, when it comes down to it, keeping up with the competition and providing a quality service to consumers proved to be unattainable goals. Continue reading “Why StarBand Failed (And How HughesNet Can Help)” »

Internet access

How Is Your Access to Wireless Internet?

Internet accessAccording to the White House, 98% of Americans now have access to high speed wireless Internet. But is it reality? Would you consider “having access to the Internet” if your access is at the local coffee shop or McDonald’s? Public free wifi leaves much to be desired, as one quickly finds out when you attempt to use it regularly. Continue reading “How Is Your Access to Wireless Internet?” »

Dump DSL

Why So Many People Are Dumping DSL

Dump DSLDSL has long been considered one of the fast options for Internet service. Yet, more and more people are turning away from it and opting for other types of high speed Internet service for their home and business needs. For a variety of reasons and in many places, DSL is being trumped by other options. Continue reading “Why So Many People Are Dumping DSL” »

Online Shopping

The Internet and Your Buying Habits

Online ShoppingBuying has been revolutionized by the Internet. There are so many ways in which it affects the way we shop: choices, price comparison, sources, research and marketing. With high speed Internet in your home, you have access to so much more when it comes to buying anything. Make purchases for yourself, your home, your business, gifts for others and more anytime. Continue reading “The Internet and Your Buying Habits” »