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Going Green on the Web

The Green Web: 6 Ways to be Greener on the Computer

The internet has made going green easier than it’s ever been. There seem to be endless websites that cover important topics on eco-friendliness, and for those that look at green living as a lifestyle choice these sites are infinitely helpful. However, the rest of us may not have the time or the ability to go completely green, so we do the next best thing and make small changes that leave a smaller carbon footprint on the world. The internet is a great source for many topics, but many people do not realize that using it so often and incorrectly can truly affect the environment negatively. Here are some ideas for how to use the internet to make your life greener.

1.) Sell or Give Away Old Things

Instead of throwing out old things, give them a chance at a second home by listing them on auction websites such as eBay or homemade DIY sites like Etsy! If you are not looking to sell your things, just put them up for free on Craigslist which is basically like putting it out on the curb! Either is better than letting perfectly good things lay around in a dump.

2.) Stop printing. Start Using the Cloud.

Cloud computing is seen by many as the future of technology. This has yet to be seen, but in the meantime cloud computing provides a great opportunity for people who need to manage documents without printing constantly. Services like Dropbox or Google Drive let you store your files in the cloud and download them from anywhere, so you don’t have to print as much. Also, using email instead of snail mail and having your receipts sent to you via email instead of printed out at the stores!

3.) Buy Second Hand

Buying things secondhand is not only cheaper, it is also better than constantly buying new things. Instead of creating more clutter at your home, recycle other people’s clothing and products that could be of use to you! Not only is this the more green option, but it’s a good tip for saving money and finding the most value!

4.) Support the Good Guys

The internet gives us the resources to research companies in a way we haven’t been able to ever before. Use this to look up companies you want to buy from and support the ones that have green practices. Also, many small businesses have added the use of the internet to make sales and make the customer experience even better. Find these small businesses and give them your business!

5.) Cut Down on Internet Time

Every website is hosted on a server that is working constantly, draining electrical power. When you spend hours on top of hours watching YouTube videos, checking statuses and reading 140 character blurbs, you are technically wasting energy. So basically, try to spend less time online!

And of course…

6.) Turn Off Your Computer!

Computers use A LOT of power, so turning it off when you’re not using it will do more than most people think. Aside from that, using a laptop or tablet instead of a desktop can help reduce your bill and save energy as well!

Of course, there are many more ways to be a more eco-friendly internet user such as purchasing a plan that forces you to live a more green lifestyle online. Learning about more green initiatives from blogs and websites is a great start, but it is not always enough. If you want to live greener, pay attention to this kind of stuff. Also, as long as you’re on the internet, start checking out those blogs that have environmentally conscious tips. Good luck!

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