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The Internet and Your Buying Habits

Online ShoppingBuying has been revolutionized by the Internet. There are so many ways in which it affects the way we shop: choices, price comparison, sources, research and marketing. With high speed Internet in your home, you have access to so much more when it comes to buying anything. Make purchases for yourself, your home, your business, gifts for others and more anytime. Continue reading “The Internet and Your Buying Habits” »


Top Tips For Frugal Living

Tips for Frugal LivingIf you are striving to live frugally, there are few tools out there that will help you more than high speed Internet. You may be thinking that in order to save money, you have to cut out things like Internet, and while most “extras” can be done away with, in today’s age, high speed Internet is no longer an extra. In fact, with it, you can save much more than you spend on the service if you take the time to explore some of the great resources available there.

Free And Low-Cost Entertainment Options

With high speed Internet, you have an array of free and low cost entertainment options without having to invest in costly cable or nights out. You can download movies, stream videos or listen to music from home.

You can also easily find great options for an inexpensive night out on those occasions you really want to go out. Visit a restaurant’s website for coupons or search for online deals before you head out. Follow group savings sites like Groupon and Living Social in order to find low cost deals on restaurants and more.

Save Money on Food

Your grocery bill is one of the costliest items in your budget. However, with some online help you can start couponing to save money or simply search out low cost menu planning options. By focusing on meals that cost less and carefully shopping for just those items necessary for the menu you have planned for the week, you can reign in your food shopping budget.

Sell Things

So you may have a great hobby in which you create something truly unique that would earn you a great side income if you had a way to sell your product. The Internet brings you just that, with websites like, and more. Even if you don’t have things you make and want to sell, you can still sell off excess clutter around your home for extra cash and to create a simpler life. You can even sell clothes at websites like

Seek Out Alternate Sources of Things You Need

Instead of always buying at the local store or a shopping mall in your area, when you need things, online shopping can save you big. has prices that often beat big retailers. Ebay and other auction sites often give you the opportunity to find great deals on pretty much anything. There are also a lot of websites where you can find gently used items that may perfectly fit the bill for what you need. In fact, just price shopping online and using the knowledge you gain to bargain will save you a bundle.

Follow Frugal Living Websites

By checking out the many websites that give details of how to live frugally, you can learn an array of ways to help keep more money in your pocket. Some of the websites you should check out include:








Put your high speed Internet investment to work for you to help you live more frugally. From savings on big purchases, monthly bills, postage, household needs and more, you will find that your high speed Internet service pays for itself and more in no time.



High Speed Internet Advantage: Plan Seasonal Adventures

Fall is a favorite time of year for many people with endless activities and adventures that are exclusively for that season. You can easily fill your days and weekends with an array of pumpkin patches, corn mazes, harvest festivals, fairs, farm visits and much more. However, finding local and day trip adventures to make your autumn the most memorable ever can be challenging. Yet with rural high speed Internet that challenge is a thing of the past.

Discover Every Single Hot Fall Spot

Small businesses, farms and organizations that offer fall events recognize the power of the Internet. The most affordable and effective method of advertising, both locally and globally, is being embraced by business people everywhere. That makes it easier than ever for the consumer to find up to date and accurate information on the kinds of activities they are looking for, by doing a simple search.

Facebook is also a well of information when it comes to local activities. Do a quick search for businesses in your area and like them. This provides you with automatic notification in your Facebook feed for upcoming special events. You can also search for local events and join groups that share such information. Even asking a simple question on your Facebook status can help you find out what events you simply can’t miss.

Save on Fall Adventures

All your fall excursions can add up with the cost of admission, access to special onsite events, gas, food and other purchases. High speed Internet can help you save on such costs. Before making your plans to head out to seasonal events, check out the website for the event to find out about any discounts available to you. Often printable coupons can be found there, or a schedule of special entry offers. Quite often something as easy as bringing a non-perishable food to donate can dramatically lower the cost of admission.

Group discount websites are very popular options to help you save on the cost of events, as well as restaurants and products. Take a moment to sign up for the well known sites like Groupon and Living Social which have geographically specific deals. Pay attention to daily notifications, so you don’t miss a great deal. Seek out local group discount websites, especially ones that target families, as these will also carry many seasonal deals that may not be offered by the bigger name sites.

When you choose rural high speed Internet, you have the advantage of every kind of information at your fingertips. Take a moment and explore the resources that are waiting for you.

saving money

Rural Americans Save Money with Satellite Internet

cashRural Americans can save money with satellite Internet despite adding another bill to their monthly budget. Regardless of the fact that satellite Internet will cost you at least $40 per month, it will bring you an abundance of money-saving opportunities that will help you quickly recoup the cost. From online shopping to easy, quick couponing, you will save a ton on monthly expenses when you harness the resources of the Internet. Continue reading “Rural Americans Save Money with Satellite Internet” »


Top 15 Sites You Need to Check Out After Getting High Speed Internet

When you finally get high speed Internet there is so much out there waiting for you to discover. The Internet just keeps getting faster and faster, with more exciting things to discover than ever before. So start with this list of must-see websites so that you can get a good jumping off point.

Shoppers Will Love Online Shopping is the shopping Mecca for practically anything you need. Whether you are looking to buy new or used, Amazon has it is another great site with fantastic deals on a variety of overstocked items. is your one-stop source for make-up, skin care and body care products. With a satisfaction guarantee and free shipping for purchases over $35, it can’t be beat. is an online comparison tool that lets you easily find the best deals out there on almost anything.

The Cook Will Enjoy Bottomless Inspiration

While there are lots of great recipe websites, like, and However there are few as useful as, where you can list the ingredients you have on hand and even exclude ones you don’t want to use and get a listing of great recipes that you can make.

Something For The Hard to Impress

Google Earth is the site everybody needs to explore. It lets you virtually explore the world close by or far away and see actual 3D images of any place you wish to see. It is a great learning tool for anybody of any age.

Get A Little Bit of Everything explains almost everything. Go straight to the site and type in anything from a famous name to the name of your town. It is an online encyclopedia. is the ultimate free classified ad site in the nation. is one of the many social media available to use online. This one is different from many of the rest as instead of interacting with others, it gives you a way to easily organize the many great ideas you find online, and help you find new ones thanks to your friends and others with similar interests that you follow.

Be Entertained is go-to source for any kind of videos, from TV clips to music videos to amateur videos and more. With high speed rural Internet you can enjoy uninterrupted video anytime. is the place to go if you like watching TV and discovering new shows. You can watch an endless variety of TV shows for free. is the destination for free music of your choosing. You create your own station based on a favorite artist, genre or even song and Pandora plays a great mix for you, with minimal commercial interruptions. If you really like it, for a small monthly fee, you can get uninterrupted music and no limit to how many hours you can listen.

If you are new to the world of high speed Internet, familiarize yourself with a couple of search engines like Google and Bing and easily find anything you need by inputting the topics that interest you. In no time you will have an array of results to explore, so you can always find just what you are looking for.