small town America move

Moving to Small Town America? What You Need To Know

small town America move

Moving to small town America from a more urban or suburban area is a big deal. It is often stated that moving is actually one of the top 5 stressors in a person’s life. This is even more so when you change the type of community you are living in. You may even find yourself experiencing culture shock. Whether your move is cause for joy or is out of necessity, there are things you need to know that will help you with your big move to small town America.

High Speed Internet Exists

You are likely to find out quickly that in the vast majority of rural America, cable Internet service is not an option, and DSL speeds are no better than dial-up. For that reason, many rural residents still opt for dial-up, which is less expensive than DSL. However, there is a much better option that gives you high speed Internet service for your home regardless of where you live in America – and it is satellite Internet.

Satellite Internet service gives you the speed to do the things you are used to doing online: shopping, surfing the web, streaming music, email, social media, and more. It even allows you to Skype with family and friends to stay connected. The major difference between satellite Internet and the cable Internet service you are likely used to is the data cap that comes with all satellite Internet service. However, your provider will give you tools to help manage your usage so you don’t exceed the data cap on your plan.

Local Shopping Alternatives

Bad news/good news. In rural America, local shopping is limited. Prices are often high while selection is low. Walmart may be the only big store option within a reasonable driving distance. However, online shopping provides you with great alternatives. Amazon has free shipping on most orders over $35 and even offers one-day shipping in some areas. Target has free shipping on orders over $25. L.L. Bean always offers free shipping. In fact most online retailers offer deals on shipping or discounts on it on a regular basis. Sign up for emails from your favorite stores to hear about such offers.

The Town

Every small town has its unique features and idiosyncrasies. Take the time to talk to people who have lived in your new town for a while about what to expect.  Have you considered winter driving, how quickly roads are plowed, how close the nearest hospital is, is there nuisance wildlife, what happens to your new town during that one big event it hosts every year?

Your New Home

Rural homes have some very different features that most urban homes don’t. Before you buy, or rent, make sure you understand the systems of the home. Is there municipal water or a well? Do you need wood to heat your home? If the heating system is oil, how far in advance do you need to schedule delivery to ensure you don’t run out of fuel? Are electrical outages common in the area? How long do they last?

As you prepare for your move, remember that there are many things to get used to: how long it will take to get anywhere, the lack of pizza delivery, the inconvenience of not having stores nearby, the slower pace of life, and so much more. Make the transition easier with high speed satellite Internet for your new rural home.

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