Online Shopping: The Perfect Holiday Shopping Solution for the Minimalist

online shoppingToday, more and more people are taking a step back from the abundance of stuff that seems to clutter our lives. People are downsizing and simplifying in an effort to avoid the overwhelm that comes with too much stuff. However, even if you are a minimalist, you still celebrate the holidays and likely purchase presents for others. Online shopping is the perfect holiday shopping solution for the minimalist, no matter where you live, for so many reasons.

No Clutter

By choosing to shop online, you can have items wrapped and sent directly to the recipient. That eliminates stress, the need for additional things like wrapping paper, tape, boxes, etc. and is a more streamlined process. You can also eliminate the clutter of collecting items in your home until the holidays by direct shipping. Be sure to tell recipients not to open it till Christmas.


Minimalists who have sworn off purchasing new items for themselves or their home often extend that conviction in their gift-giving efforts. Online shopping for consumables is the ideal way to give something that others will appreciate and still be able to stick to your beliefs. In fact, you can even purchase many of your own consumables online to save time, travel costs, and the temptations that come with in-store purchasing. Get restaurant gift cards, non-perishables, passes to attractions, and more online from stores like Amazon, eBay, and Raise.

Gifts For Those In Your House

The trickiest part of holiday shopping for the minimalist is to find something for those who share your home. Hopefully, they are all on the same page as you and embrace the minimalist lifestyle. If this is the case, your shopping woes are a little easier. Certain investments can make living a minimalist lifestyle easier. Every home, even one in the country that embraces a minimalist way of life needs high-speed Internet. If your home is not connected to the Internet, the best clutter-free gift you can give yourself, your spouse, and your kids is a high-speed Internet service. For many in rural parts of the country, that means satellite Internet service, and there are great deals available this holiday season.

You Don’t Have to Wait Until Cyber Monday

While Cyber Monday has traditionally been the big day for online holiday shopping deals, you can shop before then or after and get great deals too. Many stores already have Black Friday deals live. Others will have them available as soon as the store opens on Thursday or Friday. Still others offer great deals for free shipping day, which is December 18, 2015. As more and more stores are focusing on online sales, there are greater opportunities than ever before to find amazing deals.

Get the perfect gift from everyone on your list without disrupting your minimalist lifestyle this holiday season with online shopping.

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