Dump DSL

Why So Many People Are Dumping DSL

Dump DSLDSL has long been considered one of the fast options for Internet service. Yet, more and more people are turning away from it and opting for other types of high speed Internet service for their home and business needs. For a variety of reasons and in many places, DSL is being trumped by other options. Continue reading “Why So Many People Are Dumping DSL” »

Online Shopping

The Internet and Your Buying Habits

Online ShoppingBuying has been revolutionized by the Internet. There are so many ways in which it affects the way we shop: choices, price comparison, sources, research and marketing. With high speed Internet in your home, you have access to so much more when it comes to buying anything. Make purchases for yourself, your home, your business, gifts for others and more anytime. Continue reading “The Internet and Your Buying Habits” »


Get Organizing Help Online

Organizing your home

So many people face challenges when it comes to getting organized and staying organized. Yet as a new year begins, we tend to start anew and vow to get things in order. But, maintaining the momentum is hard. You need a plan and luckily there is an abundance of help available to you online, so you can keep moving forward with your organizing until your home is exactly the way you want it to be. Check out these great resources. Continue reading “Get Organizing Help Online” »

What is 4G mobile wireless internet

4G Mobile Wireless Internet

What is 4G Mobile Wireless Internet?

What is 4G mobile wireless internetEverybody has heard of 4G mobile wireless Internet because many mobile internet providers are offering it in their plans and options now. But do you really know what 4G is and how it works? Find out about the basics of 4G wireless and how it works.

What does 4G mean? 4G stands for the 4th generation of mobile networks and it enables the fastest wireless mobile internet. There are two technologies that are generally called 4G wireless internet:

  1. LTE – Long Term Evolution
  2. WiMAX2 – Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access

Some mobile operators are calling their HSPA and HSPA+ networks 4G, but HSPA and HSPA+ aren’t the real 4G wireless internet.

The Benefits of the 4G

When talking about the advantages of 4G, I will refer to LTE, because LTE is the dominant technology compared to WiMAX, especially when we are comparing how often they are used.

Here are some advantages of 4G mobile wireless internet, as compared to 3G:

  • 4G enables much faster wireless internet. Download speeds can be up to 10 times faster
  • 4G enables some new applications for their users. Multi-player gaming, video chat, better and smoother video streaming
  • Call establishment is much faster
  • Less problems with interference with other wireless signals
  • Lower latency
  • Flexibility You can use your 3G mobile phone in the 4G network (speed will be like on 3G)

3G Can Sometimes Be The Better Choice

Sometimes buying a new 4G phone can be a bad investment. Here are three situations when 4G mobile phone are not needed:

  • You are using only voice services on your cellular phone. You rarely use mobile internet.
  • 4G is out of reach and you are mainly connected to 3G
  • 3G wireless plans are usually cheaper

One very important point about 4G phone on the 3G network worth mentioning, the battery will drain much faster.

LTE – Long Term Evolution

LTE, or how it is most often called 4G, enables a very fast mobile internet connection. If you want to enjoy in this great technology, two basics things are necessary:

  • You as customer need to have a 4G mobile phone
  • There should be an available 4G mobile network

If you have a 4G mobile phone and you can connect it to the 4G mobile network from your mobile provider, you can enjoy the full benefits of the 4G mobile internet.

4G Mobile Wireless Internet Conclusion

4G mobile wireless internet is a great technology. It enables much higher mobile wireless internet bandwidth compared to 3G. Because of this speed, users can enjoy multi-player games, video chats and video streaming with much better quality. 4G has lower latency and there are fewer problems with the interference.

4G usually means LTE – Long Term Evolution technology, which is the dominant 4G technology among all mobile providers. If you don’t use mobile wireless internet and only use your mobile phone for voice calls, buying a 4G mobile phone is not really necessary.

You can find more about 4G mobile wireless internet and wireless internet in general at The Best Wireless Internet.


20 More Worthwhile Buys than the iPhone 6

Didn’t manage to get an iPhone 6 before they sold out? Well, my friend… you may have just dodged a bullet. Here are 20 better ways to spend $749.99 (give or take a few bucks).

1. Costa Rica for a Week: $799

Groupon offers many great vacation deals. For example you could take a 7 night trip to the beautiful Costa Rica for a 7-Night vacation for only $799. That price includes Hotel, Flight, Rental Car and all Taxes and Fees!

2. Army of Robot Drones: $719.64

Have you dreamed, and haven’t we all, of your very own swarm of flying robot drones? You could have 18 of them! Any behavioral programming they may need is on you though.

3. Stream EVERYTHING: $727.50

We’re known for our indecisiveness so when we had to chose between streaming services, we got a little stuck… that is until we realized that we could get Amazon Prime, Netflix and HuluPlus for 2.5 years instead of buying an iPhone. In fact, if we settled for just 2 years, we could still get a perfectly nice, contract free phone.

4. So Much Coffee: $500+

How does free coffee for a year sound? Are you already one of the 100 million Americans who drink it daily? You could upgrade your boring, small, drip coffee to a frappuccino every single day for the next 18 months!

5. Every Game System (pre 2012): $675.91

Ebay may not be as commonly used a marketplace as it once was, but if you’ve ever wanted to relive your Crash Bandicoot days Ebay is exactly where you want to be. We managed to find every major console predating the Eight Generation (PS4, Xbox One, Wii U) for under $700! All of them had controllers; some of them had two and most of them came with games. The systems we found were: the NES, Sega Genesis, SNES, Playstation, Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64, Playstation 2, Gamecube, Xbox, Dreamcast, Wii, Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360.

6. Super Instagram: $600

Has sharing pictures of your food on Facebook lost most of the satisfaction it once served? How does sharing them with tens-of-thousands of commuters for two months sound? Rent your very own Billboard for $300 a month.

7. PS4 Madden Bundle: $399.99

Do you prefer your video games sleek and fast rendering? Get Sony’s newest, shiniest and most powerful system yet, plus a great game, for almost half what you would have spent. Let’s face it, you’re already reorganizing your living room in your head.

8. Tie it with this knot: $699.99

As the great Beyoncé has reminded us time and again… well, you know the rest. If you’re considering tying the knot, first you’ve got to buy the ring. Those things ain’t cheep! For the price of the iPhone, though, you could do pretty dang well.

9. Phone and Service: $739

Asus’ new, two sim card, expandable, top-of-the-line Zenphone 6 has seen high praise from the likes of CNet and many other reviewers. The phone boasts impressive specs which look very similar to apples newest device, including a 13 Megapixel camera (compared to the iPhone’s 8). The price tag on this bad boy? $189. For the price of the apples newest handheld you could have the Zenfone 5 on a T-Mobile talk, text and data plan for 11 months and you won’t even have to sign a contract. Oh, and there’s an added bonus: you can take your new phone to any GSM carrier, anywhere in the world.

10. Party with a Maxim Model: $500

Do your dinner parties need a little boost? You could hire one of the beautiful girls over at Maxim to drop by for the evening, or possibly a minor celebrity. And in the completely unlikely case that no one shows up, you’ve still got enough cash to fill the remaining seats with about a dozen RAINBOW DONKEY PIÑATAS!

11. But That Camera…: $449

Raise your hand if you want the new iPhone for its camera? Canon’s G16 is one of the most acclaimed cameras on the market today. If you’re an enthusiast, this camera will fulfill all your needs and more. With this purchase we’ve still got some wiggle-room. Why not squeeze that phone we mentioned in? (lenses not included)

12. Pro Film Maker’s Kit: $678

Ever wanted to make a home movie that ends with you flying away in a helicopter? At this price point, you can have the helicopter! (or at least the special effects version. Helicopter sounds not included). Many film makers today circumvent the high prices of filming from the sky simply by attaching a Go Pro ($199.99) or small video camera to one of these Quadcopters ($479). With a few film tricks, you could even convince your friend’s that you are the Superman!

13. Disk Space Forever: $569.97

Do you insist on having every single season of every single show you’ve ever watched on your desktop? Ok. Here’s 15 terabytes. Live that dream!

14. This House: $600

Real estate is always a great investment. 6453 Northfield St. in Detroit could be yours for only $600. Spend the leftover $150 on cleaning and yard supplies…

15. Chipotle Addict: $743.75

$745 will buy you 119 Burrito Bowls and a side of Guac. That’s a Burrito Bowl every day for 5 months. If you’re planing on getting them all at once, we recommend ordering in advanced.

16. Smart 50″ Flatscreen: $749.99

It seems our inanimate objects are getting brighter by the minute! Samsung’s top of the line 50″ Smart TV will probably even do your homework for you (don’t take our words on this). At the very least, it can browse the internet, stream from all the major services and much more. Roku who?

17. Double iWatch: $698

Are you already an iPhone owner who’s just looking to upgrade? If you’re a fanboy or girl to the company you’ve probably been anticipating the iWatch for years. Rumors of the device have been spreading for over half a decade and now it’s finally here. Here’s a thought… buy 2! That way you could wear one on each wrist. One to show off to the folks on your left, the other for the folks on the right. This may be the best idea we’ve ever had.

18. A Car: $750

The 1984 Pontiac Fiero 2M4 SE is exactly the sort of car you’d expect to find on jerseyshore.craigslist.org.

19. Fashion: $651.12

Looking good is NOT cheap. If you’ve just got to have that Louis Vuitton bag, we’ve found it for you. Step out of line, rev up that slightly older smartphone you already own and buy this bag instead.

20. A Huge Portrait: $695

We all know you want an enormous nude portrait of yourself hanging over your bed. Who doesn’t. You’re money would absolutely be more well spent commissioning an artist to paint a 30×40 inch oil portrait of yourself.



9 New Skills You Can Learn Online

Learn Skills OnlineWith high speed Internet, there are so many things you can do and learn online. In fact, a world of opportunities awaits you at your convenience. With websites like Kahn Academy and free online university courses, no matter how basic or how complicated the topic you are looking to master, there is a source at your fingertips. Continue reading “9 New Skills You Can Learn Online” »

Top 10 Reasons Your Family Needs Satellite Internet This Summer

Satellite Internet this SummerSummer fun for families involves lots of outdoors time, but having a resource for downtime, rainy days, the dog days of summer and when boredom hits is important. High speed Internet service in your home can take care of that regardless of where you live. Satellite Internet service is the best option in high speed Internet in rural areas throughout the country. Continue reading “Top 10 Reasons Your Family Needs Satellite Internet This Summer” »

10 Things to Know About Wireless Internet

wireless Internet Wireless Internet is an exciting option for high speed connectivity, particularly in rural areas where other options are limited. It serves very specific needs, as well as more general needs. It easily replaces dial-up and slow DSL in rural parts of the country, and may be a better choice for some users than satellite Internet service. Before you make your choice of wireless Internet there are some things you need to know. Continue reading “10 Things to Know About Wireless Internet” »


4 Features That Make CenturyLink Stand Out From the Competition

CenturyTelNet Internet is quickly rising in the ranks of Internet service providers, as it offers advantages that many of the other big name providers don’t. These features are rarely found amongst Internet providers, and when you can find them, it is virtually impossible to find them all from the same provider, except from CenturyLink. These are 4 major advantages that set CenturyLink apart:

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Many Internet service providers do not offer a satisfaction guarantee of any type. In fact, they typically make you agree to a 2 year contract without ever trying the service. The few providers with a satisfaction guarantee typically offer only short 10 day periods. CenturyLink ensures you are happy with a full 30 days to check out the service.

Virtually Unlimited Internet

With CenturyLink, you choose the speed and you have virtually unlimited access to the Internet. While there is technically a limit, it is so high that it is very hard to reach. Less than half of 1% of users hit that limit. What’s more, if you do reach it, instead of penalizing you, CenturyLink works with you to find a more fitting option from its plans.

Free TV Service

Only CenturyLink Internet gives you free TV access from its portal with more than 250 channels to choose from. This can save you a bundle by letting you cut out cable.

DIY Installation

Do-It-Yourself installation that is easy and fast is a definite advantage for CenturyLink. Most providers insist that they take care of your installation, sometimes charging a fee, sometimes not. However, typically it involves disrupting your schedule, so that someone is available during a window of time for installers to come to your home. With CenturyLink, you set it up at your convenience or if you’d prefer, the company can do it for you.

But CenturyLink is very limited in its coverage unlike Satellite Internet From BroadbandBLUE

wireless Internet for home

Why You Need Wireless Internet For Your Home

wireless Internet for homeThere are many parts of the country where 3G/4G wireless Internet is one of the best options in high speed Internet service. However, it is likely not the only option for you. Dialup is always a consideration, although not a good one. Satellite Internet is another good choice. However, data limits and lagtime can make it a poor choice for certain homes. Continue reading “Why You Need Wireless Internet For Your Home” »