StarBand Failed

Why StarBand Failed (And How HughesNet Can Help)

StarBand FailedSatellite Internet provider StarBand announced this week that it would be discontinuing service as of September 30, 2015. The company announcement included the explanation that rising operating costs, competition from other broadband alternatives, and the demand for bandwidth were the reasons for the decision. However, as with many failed businesses, when it comes down to it, keeping up with the competition and providing a quality service to consumers proved to be unattainable goals.


While StarBand pricing was just slightly higher than the competition for the plans it offered, the real price discrepancy became apparent when you compared the actual service received. The highest priced StarBand plan at $119.99 offered less speed and less access to bandwidth than a plan from the competition at half the price.


Consumers today expect to get internet service that allows them to enjoy everything that the Internet offers: websurfing, social media, online shopping, streaming media, photo sharing, email and more. However, with StarBand, users have been frustrated by the sluggish speeds that mean the things they are trying to do online often time out. However, with a super-fast service like HughesNet satellite Internet service, you can enjoy the real speed of the Internet.


Cutting edge satellite Internet providers are constantly upgrading and improving the technology that they use in order to provide better and faster Internet. StarBand hasn’t updated its technology since 2006. When competing with bigger providers who are setting the pace for technology in this industry, smaller entities like StarBand simply can’t keep up with the required investment needed to stay in the game.

The technology StarBand has been relying on for the past almost 9 years is one that is now seriously outdated and unable to deliver the speeds that Internet users want and need in order to do the things they want to do online.

The Future Was Written in the Stars

As early as 2002, merely two years after its beginning, StarBand showed signs of instability when it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Even though the company emerged from bankruptcy the following year, it continued to struggle. Spacenet, owned by the Israeli company Gilat Satellite Networks, acquired StarBand in 2005. At that point the company had about 32,000 customers, a fraction of the 1,000,000 customers HughesNet now has. StarBand simply never took off the way its owners hoped for.

While we are sorry that a competitor has failed, we are ready to ensure that each and every former StarBand customer has a new and better satellite Internet experience in their future. We offer more affordable plans, better service, faster speeds, more data and advanced technology that let you do everything you are looking to do online.

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