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This is how BroadbandBLUE compares to other Internet Solutions.

  • Solution
  • Dial-up
  • Satellite
  • Cable
  • DSL
  • B-25
  • B-30
  • Download
  • 3 Kbps
  • Up to 5 Mbps
  • 1-5 Mbps
  • 1-5 Mbps
  • 400 Kbps - 1 Mbps
  • 600 Kbps - 1400 Kbps
  • Upload
  • 26-53 Kbps
  • Up to 300 Kbps
  • 200 Kbps - 3Mbps
  • 300 Kbps
  • 50 - 100 Kbps
  • 500 - 800 Kbps
  • Burst
  • None-up
  • None
  • None
  • 144 Kbps
  • 3.1 Mbps
  • Challenge
  • Very very slow
  • Latency issue
  • Based on provider
  • Based on provider
  • Needs to be in range
  • Needs to be in range

BroadbandBLUE vs. Other Rural Internet Solutions

No Cable or DSL Internet Access? BroadbandBLUE is Your Answer!

Until recently, rural areas did not have a lot of options for Internet connection. If your area did not yet have high speed DSL or cable, you were left to choose between dial-up or satellite connections. At last a new option has appeared on the scene. BroadbandBLUE wireless broadband is bringing high speed wireless access to rural locations across the United States. Finally, web 2.0 website technology is available to many who were being left behind by their urban counterparts.

Dial-Up: A Legacy "Technology"

Face it, dial-up just does not work for connecting with today's websites. A dial-up connection is too slow for all the bells and whistles of even a basic website in our web 2.0 world. If you depend on dial-up, you might as well be sending smoke signals or chatting on walkie talkies.

Satellite Internet Restrictions

A satellite connection, while better, is expensive and inconsistent. You have to buy a dish, and you usually end providing most of your own technical support. Your dish will require clear access to the Southern sky, and even when this access exists, adverse weather conditions will knock out your connection from time to time.

Despite the expense, satellite upload speeds may not support streaming applications like video and games. In fact, many satellite providers cap out your download speed at 700Kbps. If you're running an old Mac, forget it, satellite connections don't work at all for Macs older than version 10.1. If you have no other choice, satellite connections make sense, but they are hardly perfect or consistent.

Introducing BroadbandBLUE

The new option is a broadband wireless connection that accesses the Internet like a smart phone. Wireless signals bounce off a tower just like a cell phone, opening up broadband access to places that may never have the population density to attract cable providers. BroadbandBLUE Internet service providers have made it easy for users to set up wireless broadband connections with plug-and-play products and 3G/4G routers. Users can add up to four computers and a VOIP phone.

With affordable options and 24/7 customer service and technical assistance, BroadbandBLUE wireless broadband providers have promised no cap on data and downloads. Order Now! Rural addresses are always last to enjoy the benefits of technological network utilities. BroadbandBLUE wireless Internet solutions represent a huge step beyond dial-up and satellite connections and a chance for rural businesses and residences to fully experience 21st century technology.

Get The Best and Stay Connected. Call Now: 1-855-312-9675
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* Internet may be accessed from anywhere within the BroadbandBLUE coverage zone.
*Satellite Internet may be accessed from anywhere where you have a clear view of the Southeastern sky.