50 Highest Paid CEOS in Business 2014

Total Seconds

Find out what the 50 highest paid CEOs in business made per second in 2014.


Charif Souki  Salary 2014

You may have never heard of Charif Souki of Cheniere Energy, but this natural gas tycoon pulled in $4.50 per second in 2014. In December 2014 Souki elected to give up his spot as the highest paid CEO and join elites like Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and Google's Larry Page by taking a $1 salary. Who will be the highest paid CEO in 2015?

Salary in 2014: $141,949,280.00

Charif Souki Made $4.50 Per Second


Gas and electricity prices play a major role in determining the US and global economy, so it's no surprise to see several prominent figures in the petroleum and utility industry topping the list of the 50 highest paid CEOs. Exxon Mobile's CEO Rex W. Tillerson earned over 89 cents a second in 2014.

Exxon Mobile

Rex W. Tillerson  Salary Per Second 2014

CEO Rex W. Tillerson

Salary in 2014: $28,138,329.00

Rex W. Tillerson Made $0.89 Per Second


David M. Cote  Salary Per Second 2014

CEO David M. Cote

Salary in 2014: $25,440,958.00

David M. Cote Made $0.81 Per Second

Emerson Electric

David N. Farr  Salary Per Second 2014

CEO David N. Farr

Salary in 2014: $25,318,952.00

David N. Farr Made $0.80 Per Second

Chesapeake Energy

Robert D. Lawler  Salary Per Second 2014

CEO Robert D. Lawler

Salary in 2014: $22,423,368.00

Robert D. Lawler Made $0.71 Per Second


Paal Kibsgaard  Salary Per Second 2014

CEO Paal Kibsgaard

Salary in 2014: $22,005,349.00

Paal Kibsgaard Made $0.70 Per Second


The CEOS of major TV and film production companies Disney, Discovery, Starz, and Fox made the list, but CBS' Leslie Moonves was the highest paid CEO making $2.08 a second in 2014. Viacom CEO Philippe P. Dauman made $1.18 per second. CBS and Viacom used to be one corporation but split into separate ventures in 2005.


Leslie Moonves  Money 2014

CEO Leslie Moonves

Salary in 2014: $65,589,245.00

Leslie Moonves Made $2.08 Per Second


Philippe P. Dauman  Money 2014

CEO Philippe P. Dauman

Salary in 2014: $37,186,099.00

Philippe P. Dauman Made $1.18 Per Second

Walt Disney

Robert A. Iger  Money 2014

CEO Robert A. Iger

Salary in 2014: $34,321,055.00

Robert A. Iger Made $1.09 Per Second


David M. Zaslav  Money 2014

CEO David M. Zaslav

Salary in 2014: $33,349,798.00

David M. Zaslav Made $1.06 Per Second

Time Warner

Jeffrey L. Bewkes  Money 2014

CEO Jeffrey L. Bewkes

Salary in 2014: $32,501,715.00

Jeffrey L. Bewkes Made $1.03 Per Second


Christopher P. Albrecht  Money 2014

CEO Christopher P. Albrecht

Salary in 2014: $30,494,966.00

Christopher P. Albrecht Made $0.97 Per Second

T-Mobile US

John J. Legere  Money 2014

CEO John J. Legere

Salary in 2014: $29,245,709.00

John J. Legere Made $0.93 Per Second

Nuance Communications

Paul A. Ricci  Money 2014

CEO Paul A. Ricci

Salary in 2014: $29,226,829.00

Paul A. Ricci Made $0.93 Per Second


Brian L. Roberts  Money 2014

CEO Brian L. Roberts

Salary in 2014: $26,308,324.00

Brian L. Roberts Made $0.83 Per Second

Twenty-First Century Fox

K. Rupert Murdoch  Money 2014

CEO K. Rupert Murdoch

Salary in 2014: $26,064,040.00

K. Rupert Murdoch Made $0.83 Per Second

Sirius XM

James E. Meyer  Money 2014

CEO James E. Meyer

Salary in 2014: $23,065,307.00

James E. Meyer Made $0.73 Per Second


The highest paid internet entrepreneur is Lawrence J. Ellison of Oracle, the biggest computer software and hardware maker after Microsoft. Though he has headed the company since its start in 1977, Ellison announced in late 2014 he would soon step down as CEO. Yahoo! CEO Marissa A. Mayer is the only female on the list.


Lawrence J. Ellison  Musician Salary 2014

CEO Lawrence J. Ellison

Salary in 2014: $78,440,657.00

Lawrence J. Ellison Made $2.49 Per Second


Don A. Mattrick  Musician Salary 2014

CEO Don A. Mattrick

Salary in 2014: $57,814,391.00

Don A. Mattrick Made $1.83 Per Second


Jeffrey Weiner  Musician Salary 2014

CEO Jeffrey Weiner

Salary in 2014: $49,071,364.00

Jeffrey Weiner Made $1.56 Per Second

Trip Advisor

Stephen Kaufer  Musician Salary 2014

CEO Stephen Kaufer

Salary in 2014: $39,014,227.00

Stephen Kaufer Made $1.24 Per Second


Marc Benioff  Musician Salary 2014

CEO Marc Benioff

Salary in 2014: $31,333,332.00

Marc Benioff Made $0.99 Per Second


Marissa A. Mayer  Musician Salary 2014

CEO Marissa A. Mayer

Salary in 2014: $24,935,711.00

Marissa A. Mayer Made $0.79 Per Second


It's hard to believe that the CEO of home funishings and furniture company Restoration Hardware Gary G. Friedman made way more money in 2014 than the CEO of CVS, Fox or Ford. It's also interesting to see board game manufacturer Hasbro's Brian D. Goldner among the highest paid CEOs in 2014. He must be very good at playing Monopoly!

Restoration Hardware

Gary G. Friedman  Music Per Second Salary 2014

CEO Gary G. Friedman

Salary in 2014: $36,456,559.00

Gary G. Friedman Made $1.16 Per Second

Estee Lauder

Fabrizio Freda  Music Per Second Salary 2014

CEO Fabrizio Freda

Salary in 2014: $31,069,648.00

Fabrizio Freda Made $0.99 Per Second


Darrell Cavens  Music Per Second Salary 2014

CEO Darrell Cavens

Salary in 2014: $27,310,886.00

Darrell Cavens Made $0.87 Per Second


Brian D. Goldner  Music Per Second Salary 2014

CEO Brian D. Goldner

Salary in 2014: $27,378,792.00

Brian D. Goldner Made $0.87 Per Second

Hain Celestial

Irwin D. Simon  Music Per Second Salary 2014

CEO Irwin D. Simon

Salary in 2014: $26,426,555.00

Irwin D. Simon Made $0.84 Per Second


Steve Ells  Music Per Second Salary 2014

CEO Steve Ells

Salary in 2014: $25,116,871.00

Steve Ells Made $0.80 Per Second


Larry J. Merlo  Music Per Second Salary 2014

CEO Larry J. Merlo

Salary in 2014: $22,862,653.00

Larry J. Merlo Made $0.72 Per Second


The highest paid professionals in the financial sector have gotten to the top by making money from nothing, so it's not shocking that several CEOs in the credit and investment industry have made it onto the list of the 50 highest paid CEOs in 2014. Gamco Investors CEO Mario J. Gabelli made $2.70 a second all year long. Gold and copper magnate Richard C. Adkerson made $1.75 a second in 2014.

GAMCO Investors

Mario J. Gabelli  Music Per Second Salary 2014

CEO Mario J. Gabelli

Salary in 2014: $85,049,800.00

Mario J. Gabelli Made $2.70 Per Second


Richard C. Adkerson  Music Per Second Salary 2014

CEO Richard C. Adkerson

Salary in 2014: $55,260,539.00

Richard C. Adkerson Made $1.75 Per Second


Charles W. Scharf  Music Per Second Salary 2014

CEO Charles W. Scharf

Salary in 2014: $24,154,541.00

Charles W. Scharf Made $0.77 Per Second


Laurence D. Fink  Music Per Second Salary 2014

CEO Laurence D. Fink

Salary in 2014: $22,942,256.00

Laurence D. Fink Made $0.73 Per Second


Daniel S. Och  Music Per Second Salary 2014

CEO Daniel S. Och

Salary in 2014: $22,338,209.00

Daniel S. Och Made $0.71 Per Second

American Express

Kenneth I. Chenault  Music Per Second Salary 2014

CEO Kenneth I. Chenault

Salary in 2014: $21,711,762.00

Kenneth I. Chenault Made $0.69 Per Second


Getting goods and people from here to there is important business. Highest paid was Nicholas Howley, the CEO of Ohio-based aerospace engineering company Transdigm Group. Commercial fuel card provider FleetCor's Ronald F. Clarke made over $1 a second in 2014.

Transdigm Group

W. Nicholas Howley  Music Per Second Salary 2014

CEO W. Nicholas Howley

Salary in 2014: $64,214,656.00

W. Nicholas Howley Made $2.04 Per Second


Ronald F. Clarke  Music Per Second Salary 2014

CEO Ronald F. Clarke

Salary in 2014: $32,858,319.00

Ronald F. Clarke Made $1.04 Per Second


Tony Aquila  Music Per Second Salary 2014

CEO Tony Aquila

Salary in 2014: $29,895,611.00

Tony Aquila Made $0.95 Per Second


Donald E. Washkewicz  Music Per Second Salary 2014

CEO Donald E. Washkewicz

Salary in 2014: $24,514,140.00

Donald E. Washkewicz Made $0.78 Per Second

Mobile Mini

Erik Olsson  Music Per Second Salary 2014

CEO Erik Olsson

Salary in 2014: $24,073,209.00

Erik Olsson Made $0.76 Per Second


Alan R. Mulally  Music Per Second Salary 2014

CEO Alan R. Mulally

Salary in 2014: $23,204,534.00

Alan R. Mulally Made $0.74 Per Second


W. James McNerney, Jr.  Music Per Second Salary 2014

CEO W. James McNerney, Jr.

Salary in 2014: $23,263,562.00

W. James McNerney, Jr. Made $0.74 Per Second


Transgender and civil rights advocate Martine A. Rothblatt was technically the highest paid female CEO in 2014, but she was actually born a man. Rothblatt earns $1.21 a second and has successful track records both at United Therapeutics and as former CEO of Sirius XM Radio.

United Therapeutics

Martine A. Rothblatt  Music Per Second Salary 2014

CEO Martine A. Rothblatt

Salary in 2014: $38,218,255.00

Martine A. Rothblatt Made $1.21 Per Second

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Leonard S. Schleifer  Music Per Second Salary 2014

CEO Leonard S. Schleifer

Salary in 2014: $36,272,665.00

Leonard S. Schleifer Made $1.15 Per Second


Mark T. Bertolini  Music Per Second Salary 2014

CEO Mark T. Bertolini

Salary in 2014: $30,712,565.00

Mark T. Bertolini Made $0.97 Per Second

Tenet Healthcare

Trevor Fetter  Music Per Second Salary 2014

CEO Trevor Fetter

Salary in 2014: $22,734,128.00

Trevor Fetter Made $0.72 Per Second


Apparently there's still a lot of money to be made in real estate. Real estate developers Richard A. Smith and Sandeep Mathrani both made over 70 cents a second in 2014.


Richard A. Smith  Music Per Second Salary 2014

CEO Richard A. Smith

Salary in 2014: $23,996,109.00

Richard A. Smith Made $0.76 Per Second

General Growth Properties

Sandeep Mathrani  Music Per Second Salary 2014

CEO Sandeep Mathrani

Salary in 2014: $22,102,608.00

Sandeep Mathrani Made $0.70 Per Second