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Bringing Wireless Broadband Access to Rural America

With Cable providers offering very limited coverage and satellite connections costing exorbitant amounts of money, BroadbandBLUE offers the best rural wireless internet alternative you can find.

The system works by using the same 3G wireless networks that high-end smart phones use to access internet services. If you can get a cell phone reception, you can use our wireless internet system to meet all your rural broadband needs. However, unlike standard cell phone signals, your data would be sent through an AAA remote server. These AAA servers manage the internet traffic faster and more efficiently than cell phone carriers.

When your BroadbandBLUE kit arrives, you will notice the modem and the 3ft long antenna.

The modem is what receives the signals from nearby cell towers and translates their pulses and signals into data. This high-speed modem/router will let you connect up to 4 devices using Ethernet cables, but it also comes with a USB plug that you can use to connect any IP phone service available in the market.

But rural life can take you places where cell phone reception may not be the best, and that is why we include a 3ft long, 12db high-gain antenna. This technology, originally designed for space travel, captures, enhances and increases the strength and clarity of any signals it receives, even when indoors!

Best of all, these devices are all ‘Plug and Play’. Just connect it all with the included, easy to follow instructions and you are ready to go in minutes. Every kit we send out has been professionally tested and configured by our team of in-house technicians, so you always get the best rural wireless broadband experience right out of the box.

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You can also enjoy a restriction-free connection. While satellite internet connection plans are notorious for suspending your service or slapping you with excessive overcharges once you go over their 5Gb download limits, BroadbandBLUE has absolutely zero data caps. You can upload, download, share and enjoy as much of the internet as you wish.

As an added bonus, your connection is not tied to your home. As long as you’ve got the car adapter ready, you can bring your connection with you on the go. This way you can work on your documents, watch online videos or update your social networking status from anywhere, even out on the field or on a camping trip. If you can get even a hint of a cell phone reception, you can get flawless high-speed internet with BroadbandBLUE.

Play online games, download movies, work from home and stay connected to your social networks from any area. At only a fraction of the cost for a pricey satellite connection, we provide an inexpensive and flexible alternative for rural wireless internet with no data limits.

Get The Best and Stay Connected. Call Now: 1-855-312-9675
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* Internet may be accessed from anywhere within the BroadbandBLUE coverage zone.
*Satellite Internet may be accessed from anywhere where you have a clear view of the Southeastern sky.