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Unlimited Wireless Internet

Unlimited Wireless Internet from BroadbandBLUE provides the fastest high-speed Internet service in rural areas where cable and DSL Internet are not available options. Not only are BroadbandBLUE's download speeds up to 100 times faster than dial-up, but our wireless speeds are actually even three to six times as fast as high-speed satellite Internet. If you don't currently have access to cable or DSL Internet because you live in rural area of the country, BroadbandBLUE is the only high-speed Internet solution that gives you video streaming capabilities and online gaming. You can do it all with our unlimited Internet service*!

With BroadbandBLUE, you can forget about all the data limits, expensive installation fees and monthly costs associated with satellite Internet. Finally, rural America has an alternative that is even faster than satellite Internet, not to mention secure and PORTABLE! That's right- you can take your BroadbandBLUE wireless Internet service wherever you go, just like your cell phone.

How does BroadbandBLUE work? Just like a regular wireless modem or router! Plug it into an electrical outlet, wait for the signal, and you are good to go! BroadbandBLUE gives you the best high-speed option in remote and rural areas across the U.S. Our unique approach to high-speed Internet service was designed specifically with rural users like you in mind. Hook it up in your home or office to begin your rural wireless Internet experience.


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Wireless Broadband vs. Satellite Internet

Maybe you have satellite Internet now or are considering it. Satellite Internet is actually a nice fit for some rural customers, but if you are looking for Internet access with no restrictions and that is truly high-speed, then it is not your answer.

Latency (lag issues caused by the 44,000 mile round trip the signal has to make) accounts for slow upload speeds, as well as reduced download capabilities. This means streaming (Netflix and any kind of online gaming) are not options with satellite Internet.

Additionally, all satellite broadband companies have to comply with the Fair Access Policy, which means that there are restrictions on how much you can use their service. Exceed the data cap and you are slowed down to dial-up speed. Offering no data restrictions, being anywhere from 50% to 300% faster than broadband satellite Internet and at a fraction of the cost, wireless broadband from BroadbandBLUE is the clear alternative to satellite Internet.

BroadbandBLUE Unlimited Wireless Internet Features

BroadbandBLUE works much like a smart phone. When accessing the Internet, it relies on a signal from a wireless tower rather than a physical connection like a phone line or cable. Our service does not have a data cap. The system allows up to 4 Ethernet connections, plus a USB connection for an Internet phone connection such as Vonage or magicJack.

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* Internet may be accessed from anywhere within the BroadbandBLUE coverage zone.
*Satellite Internet may be accessed from anywhere where you have a clear view of the Southeastern sky.