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Giving To Help Bring Human Rights to North Koreans

Being a good corporate citizen is about more than taking good care of our employees and our town. As an Internet marketing firm, our audience is the world, so it makes sense that we care about those beyond our borders.

Unimaginable Human Rights Violations

The plight of North Korean refugees has touched the hearts of those at Broadband BLUE. Disturbed by human rights violations, censorship and abuses that are unimaginable in this day and age, Broadband BLUE is committed to making a difference by giving to those who are committed to making the change.

In a world, where you can connect with much of the world with the click of a button, it is startling to realize that there are still places in our world where simple freedom of movement is not the norm. In these same places death by starvation is commonplace, torture is still used and prison camps still exist for those who have done nothing more than attempt to flee a nation that is condoning human rights abuses.

Aiding North Korean Refugees

We support the NGO North Korean Refugees, based in Japan. Because of their proximity to North Korea, they are able to provide the kind of hands on assistance that those who are a world away simply cannot. We are committed to help fund their rescue operations, and with the continued care, feeding, medical and educational needs of those who have successfully fled North Korea.

Nothing to Envy

Another organization committed to this cause that Broadband BLUE has chosen to support is the production team behind the film “Nothing to Envy”. Based on a book by Barbara Demick, which details the daily horrors of life in North Korea, this animated film will portray how the unfilmable North Korea really is. The mission is of this film is to raise global awareness of the true issues facing North Korea, not just what the North Korean government wants to show the world. We know that increased awareness is the key to ending the everyday human rights violations that occur in North Korea.

We at Broadband BLUE believe in the efforts being made by those working to increase awareness of the issues of North Korea and those actually helping North Koreans escape injustice. We support and stand behind those working to make a difference where it is needed most.

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