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In some ways, living in a rural area of Texas can be the best: lots of wide open spaces with peace and quiet. While living in rural Texas certainly has its benefits, often times your internet service options are very limited out in the country, especially when it comes to finding a high speed, broadband internet option. Even when you can find an internet provider operating in your area, many times you will come to find out the hard way that they are not exactly the most reliable. With Broadband Blue, you get a variety of cheap wireless options that are available virtually anywhere in rural Texas. With Broadband Blue, you get a variety of choices, ranging from Wi-fi internet service (including 4G wireless in certain cities and towns) that offers download speeds averaging between 2-6 mb per second. You think that's fast? Broadband Blue's satellite internet services go as fast as 15mb per second. That's over 250 times faster than a dial-up connection and 5 times faster than DSL internet! Worried about data caps? We offer an unlimited wireless internet service plan in Texas, so you'll never have to worry about being throttled or paying the high price for monthly overages.

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Broadband Blue: The Best Wireless Option in Texas

With Broadband Blue's Texas cheap high speed wireless broadband options, you'll get the best internet connection and a service that can meet your high speed needs as an internet Wi-fi hotspot not only at your home, but also at your home away from home. Take Broadband Blue internet on the road with you! Our wireless routers can support up to 4 internet devices (including mobile) at once, so your whole family can enjoy the benefits of unlimited home Wifi! In terms of high speed broadband service in rural WA, Broadband Blue wireless internet service beats the competition hands down. Our broadband system uses the same towers used by the top cell phone companies and service providers, allowing you and your home or business to get a fast and reliable internet connection nearly anywhere in rural Texas. As long as you can get cell phone service, you can get Broadband Blue high speed rural internet access in WA.

Looking for a low cost, but high speed internet option in Texas ?

If you're looking for the best cheap internet service, we also offer exclusive deals and free perks on HughesNet satellite internet service in Texas. The prices of our exclusive satellite internet plans start as low as only $39.99 per month. With high speed satellite internet you can get fast service in even more home and business locations. All you need is a clear view of the south eastern sky! Even if you don't have wireless internet coverage, you can still get the best home internet service.

Experience the best high speed wireless broadband internet wherever you live in rural Texas!

Broadband Blue has friendly internet service specialists waiting to take your call 24/7. Our friendly team will help you determine which internet service plan and option is available in your area of WA (even if you live out in the country). We will help you find out what internet plan is best for you and set you up with the cheapest price available. Call 888-648-2706 to speak to one of our specialists and to find out more about deals and promotions exclusive to your area!

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About BroadBandBlue

A quick note about our history. Our rural internet access system is the evolution from the predecessor, BroadbandQ. BroadbandBLUE was originally founded as as the wireless technology of Broadband Q, so for this reason, you might see the occasional BroadbandQ system in your area. Those neighbors are still enjoying the same unlimited, super-fast wireless internet connection speeds that you can now get with BroadbandBLUE.


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