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HughesNet® Gen4 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. So make this simple for me. How much will I be paying you guys monthly?
Ans. Your monthly rate depends on which plan you choose. We offer satellite Internet plans that range from $59.99 $39.99± to $129.99 monthly. To new customers, we offer rebates and incentives which may result in a discount of up to $20 monthly for your first three months of service. We believe you'll love HughesNet Gen4, and believe that discount will help you transition to a newer, more reliable, more consistent satellite Internet service.

Then you pick your leasing option.
1. Lease your equipment at $9.99 Per Month with a $0 upfront fee after a $99** instant savings. (Limited time offer 4/30/13)
2. You may purchase your equipment at $199.99 after a $199.99 mail-in rebate

Q. How can I get that great pricing?
Ans. The best way to get HughesNet Gen 4's best pricing is to select the two-year service commitment. Please note that if you choose a two-year commitment and then opt out early, you will be charged early termination fees.
  • Have a major debit or credit card available. Credit or debit cards are required to purchase HughesNet plans.
  • Gen4 requires that you purchase or lease both service and equipment directly from HughesNet. Proprietary equipment is necessary to make sure you receive the best service HughesNet has to offer.
  • Your plan requires a minimum activation period. In order to get the best pricing, your plan must be active for a certain amount of time.
  • We offer several mail-in rebates which must be received before the expiration in order to provide you with the best pricing.
  • Varying restrictions might apply.
  • Promotions are void where prohibited.
Q. Do you guarantee your Internet speeds?
Ans. Unfortunately, it's impossible to guarantee our top satellite Internet speeds at all times. A number of factors might affect the speed of your Internet connection including congestion of traffic, your computer's performance, how many users are using the web, etc. At peak times, your Internet speed may be reduced due to these space and global variables. While we are confident that HughesNet Gen4 is the fastest, most reliable and consistent Internet available, we want you to be aware that there might be factors which, at times, may slow down your web connection.
Q. Why are these prices different? Am I paying for more capacity and speed?
Ans. Essentially, the differences between our plan options come down to capacity and speed. We believe HughesNet to be the most well-managed data in the satellite Internet industry, and we want to make sure that our customers get what they pay for. Therefore, when you select a Power PRO or Power MAX plan, you are paying for a higher data rate and a higher data capacity. HughesNet Gen4 plans are designed to match each user's monthly needs in terms of data and speed. In turn, we are able to load-balance the burden on our satellites to ensure consistency and reliability.

Prime: $69.99 $59.99 Per Month For 3 Months

With this plan, users receive a maximum download speed of 10 Mbps, while the maximum upload speed is 1 Mbps. The Prime Plan allows a maximum of 60 Gigabytes downloaded per month, including 50 GB bonus bytes.

Pro: $79.99 Monthly

With the Pro plan, you'll pay $79.99 monthly for a maximum download speed of 10 Mbps and 2 Mbps upload speeds. Your monthly data allowance increases to 65 Gigabytes, including 50 GB bonus bytes.

Max: $129.99 Monthly

The Max increases your maximum download speed to 15 Mbps, and your maximum upload speed is 2 Mbps. Your maximum monthly download for the month is 70 Gigabytes with this plan, including 50 GB bonus bytes. If your Internet needs are intense, then you want the Max plan.

Q. What Should I Expect During the Installation Process?
Ans. Our expert installers will be at your home or place of business to install the HughesNet satellite according to FCC regulations. Using Hughes standard mounting brackets for your roof or wall, we'll install the dish at a minimum of 5 feet off the ground. We'll then run a coaxial cable jack to the HughesNet system, which communicates with the dish via two RG-6 coaxial cables. Our technicians will properly ground the dish system, verify the strength of the satellite signal, then activate your account. In short, our installation is complete and headache-free.
Q. How fast can you get me on the Internet?
Ans. Once you choose HughesNet Gen4 Satellite Internet Service, we can often have your home or business connected to the Internet on the next day. Talk with your HughesNet representative for installer availability in your area.
Q. Is anything excluded when I select a standard installation?
Standard installations do not include the following:
  • Custom work. HughesNet will not provide moldings, cosmetic hardware, etc. to hide cables; nor will the company provide roof, chimney or pole mounts, etc. that are non-penetrating. If your home or business requires a complex installation, be sure to discuss it with your installer beforehand.
  • HughesNet will not remove equipment previously mounted on the property (we may perform that work if you sign a Waiver of Liability).
  • We will not mount to a roof structure above one story high.
  • HughesNet will not provide a pole mount. These mounts are included only if necessary to obtain a clear viewing area for proper functionality.

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