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Business WiFi Internet Service

BroadbandBLUE provides the fastest Wi-Fi Internet speeds to businesses!

Stand out from the competition with the latest in Wi-Fi for business. As the demand for wireless internet access continues to increase, businesses must stay ahead of the curve. BroadbandBLUE high speed broadband Wi-Fi implements 802.11n, the newest and fastest in wireless internet technology. For the most reliable connection with greater range and speed, 802.11n is the right choice in Wi-Fi for business. Beyond convenience, this technology also provides the strong, trustworthy security you and your customers need and deserve.

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Offer BroadbandBLUE Wireless WiFi as a free or fee-based service at your business, and you will attract more of the growing population of users looking for high speed Internet access. As the number of customers using wireless devices continues to grow, hotspot directories that list Wi-Fi business hotspots offer another opportunity for businesses to gain visibility. BroadbandBLUE High speed broadband Wi-Fi will attract those customers who may not have planned to visit, but will most assuredly return.

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BroadbandBLUE high-speed wireless Wi-Fi is useful in a variety of business settings:
Wireless Hot Spots

Wi-Fi Hotspots For:
Restaurants and Cafés
Schools and College Campuses
Bookstores and Shops

Lady Using Laptop

Wi-Fi Service For:
Hotels and Motels
Campgrounds and RV Parks
Shopping Centers and Malls

Apartment Building

High-Speed Internet Access For:
Trade Shows and Organizations
Condominiums and Apartments
Marinas and Offices

Other Benefits

Business hotspots may also generate extra revenue through the sale of advertising space on the home page. A web page that is displayed when a customer opens the browser can be used as advertising space for other local businesses. This also provides opportunities to display in-house sales and promotions.

Wi-Fi business hotspots enjoy many benefits beyond customer satisfaction and loyalty. The ability to access the internet and print documents from anywhere within range creates added convenience. Desktop computers may be placed in more suitable locations, reducing the visibility of unsightly wires.

BroadbandBLUE Wi-Fi contains all that is needed to convert your business into an active hotspot. This fully guaranteed program is configured specifically to your needs. An all-inclusive package is shipped directly to you, including simple instructions for easy installation. If you are not fully satisfied with our product after a 30 day trial period, simply return the equipment in its original package for a full refund.

Get The Best and Stay Connected. Call Now: 1-855-312-9675
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* Internet may be accessed from anywhere within the BroadbandBLUE coverage zone.
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